Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Good News for Achieving Goals

What's good guys,

I'm back with something that happened days ago. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. 

Some say his victory was unexpected, Hillary was said to be leading in all polls, but this is Donald Trump, you can never count him out of something. Trump has a winners' mentality, unlike Clinton in my opinion. Now, I know this has nothing to do with the blog, oh wait, it does! I've mentioned I want to become a soccer player, but becoming a soccer player almost requires you to have a safe and successful future. So,  Donald Trump as President will help with my future in America. It all starts with having a safe and noncorrupt environment, and I believe Trump can do that. In addition, getting into college is important, colleges need to be accessible, depending on what I'm looking for. Trump can help with education for younger people, which will be in action, in the future. 

I plan to try and go to a college being heavy on soccer and one that will provide me with a lot of knowledge. I want to go to a college that will be able to prepare me for real life. Also, Trump will have to give us a future, in which we can live in, and I am confident in him to provide us a future that we can be thriving and successful. Alright, back to soccer, with a nice environment, I'll be able to thrive and succeed as I said. Then, with hard work, I will go for professional soccer. What do you guys think of the new president, Donald Trump? How do you guys see our future? Do you guys agree with me? If not, we can discuss, and further our understanding. :)

Now I'm signing off,
Brandon Cohen

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